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In India alone, a child dies of malnutrition every 30 seconds.

At present, ETW feeds more than 2 million people each year throughout India.

In North America, ETW volunteers in 40 cities prepare and serve 73,000 meals a year for the homeless and hungry.

In the first six months after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, ETW provided more than six million free meals to disaster victims.

At ETW’s center in Mumbai, homeless street children receive a wholesome lunch every day.

When the majority of India’s people earn less than Rs. 80 ($1.66) a day, and the price of a kilo of rice ranges between Rs. 20 and Rs. 80, it is no wonder that nearly 50 percent of India’s population suffer from malnourishment.

In total, as part of its aid package for the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, ETW served more than 7.5 million meals throughout Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

AIDS orphans and other disadvantaged children in Kenya receive a meal from ETW volunteers.

After the tsunami, ETW distributed more than 185 tons of uncooked rice to help the victims make ends meet.

ETW volunteers regularly distribute staple foods to impoverished communities throughout India. Some of the served regions are so remote as to be accessible only on foot.



しかしこの戦いに勝利することができます。国連開発計画は、飢餓撲滅のための年間コストを、世界中の政府や組織によってすでに消費されている額に130億ドル追加すれば足りると見積もっています。 現在、ETWは、インド全土で毎年200万以上の人に食物を供給しています。ETWはまた、米、牛乳、その他の必需食料品を最貧の地域に配っています。 2004年のインド洋津波の後、最初の半年で、ETWは、被災者に600万食以上を無料で供給し、さらに185トン以上の米を被災者の生計のために配りました。


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